Wintry weather is turning foot and cycle bridge into 'ice rink'

January 07 2021
Wintry weather is turning foot and cycle bridge into 'ice rink'

A foot and cycle bridge linking St Peter’s to Norton is like an ice rink when temperatures plummet according to residents.

The issue has been raised by people in St Peter’s and was discussed at a meeting of Norton-juxta-Kempsey Parish Council.

St Peter’s resident, Claire Rebbeck, who uses the bridge at least four times each week as part of her running route, described the problems.

She said: “On two occasions in seven days, when the temperatures have been close to freezing, I have experienced what can only be described as an ice rink effect along the entire effect of the bridge.

“On one of the mornings, the surface was so slippery I literally had to inch over the bridge in order not to fall over, bearing in mind I was wearing a good pair of trainers with grips.

“There is visually no warning to this phenomenon, so for anyone elderly or on a bicycle I would think it is only a matter of time before a serious incident occurs.

“On closer inspection of the bridge floor, it appears that it is laid with a rubber grid effect.

“This has the effect that when it has been wet or just damp in the air, these grids fill with water, freezing to a near invisible sheet of ice when the temperature is low enough

“I would like to question why such an unsuitable flooring has been laid – surely this would be safety tested before being included in the design specification?

“Perhaps the floor is faulty and the grids should, in fact, have drainage holes to allow any standing water to flow away.”

Clair added that she was so concerned about the problem that she had considered putting up a sign herself to warn people.

During a meeting of Norton-juxta-Kempsey Parish Council, its clerk, Jane Greenway, said: “Apparently it’s very, very slippy when you walk across when it’s icy in the mornings.”

Parish councillors discussed whether a grit bin should be provided for the icy conditions.

Conservative Worcestershire county councillor Rob Adams, who was sitting in on the parish council’s Zoom meeting, said he would speak to council officers about the problem.

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