Worcester residents' views sought on city's carbon neutral strategy

June 27 2020
Worcester residents' views sought on city's carbon neutral strategy

Residents are being asked for their views on Worcester City Council’s draft strategy to help make the city carbon neutral by 2030.

The city council declared a climate emergency a year ago and committed itself to taking action to tackle it.

It sets out proposed policies in six areas: 

  • Reducing carbon emissions in the city so that Worcester can become a carbon-neutral city by 2030
  • Making the work of Worcester City Council carbon neutral
  • Developing the city’s low carbon economy and ensuring sustainability becomes embedded in the practices of businesses
  • Protecting Worcester’s natural environment and enhancing its biodiversity
  • Ensuring the city is prepared for and able to cope with the effects and impacts of the changing climate
  • Reducing Worcester’s consumption of resources. 

The draft strategy has been drawn up with input from Conservative, Labour and Green members of the council, together with local stakeholders.

The actions and policies of similar local councils across the country have also been drawn on.

“We recognise the urgency of the situation and that action needs to be taken by both ourselves and everyone across Worcester,” said Labour councillor Joy Squires, who chairs the Environment Committee.

“Our vision is for Worcester to be a carbon neutral city, with a transformation in how we use our resources.

“We want our city to be resilient to the impact of the changing climate and to have low levels of air pollution alongside high levels of biodiversity.

“Achieving this will be challenging and the city council cannot do what’s needed on its own.

“This draft strategy is just a starting point. We will be encouraging everyone from residents to businesses, the charitable sector and local groups to get involved and help us shape the developing strategy for Worcester becoming a carbon-neutral city.”

Residents can have their say online at www.worcester.gov.uk/voiceit.

They can also join in with a webinar to ask questions and give views, on Wednesday, July 15 at 7pm.

There is a separate webinar for businesses and organisations to join, which will take place on Tuesday, July 14 at 2pm.

Register for the webinars at www.worcester.gov.uk/voiceit.