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February 09 2022

Timed, low-level lighting could solve safety issue along unlit lane

I read the article in South Worcester Voice regarding the “Unlit Brockhill Lane” and how people believed it was unsafe for walkers... Read More

February 09 2022

'Disgrace' that warehouses were allowed

Many of the residents in Norton, Kempsey and St Peter’s feel we have no say in the future and have been let down by the local authority representatives and the planners/developers appear to make the decisions in isolation without any thought for the outcome and can walk away from the problems they create. .. Read More

July 02 2021

Warehousing is an 'eyesore'

Your report stated that a “new horizon is beginning to take shape between St Peter's and Norton”. .. Read More

July 02 2021

Venture would be supported

I was delighted to read about this prospect and feel it would really benefit the area. .. Read More

July 02 2021

Ale Hub would offer choice

I have read the article in your June edition relating to the possibility of an Ale Hub in Abbotsbury Court. .. Read More

July 02 2021

Hub a wonderful addition to area

With regards to the proposed Abbotsbury Court Ale Hub, I think this would be a wonderful addition to the St Peter’s area facilities because real ale is a niche market and would be for drinkers of a discerning taste. .. Read More

July 02 2021

I question any further growth

The [Abbotsbury Court] car park area is small and at times not large enough for the businesses operating already, which would have to include the village hall and the four other businesses that operate in and under Tesco’s direct control. .. Read More

March 08 2021

Wildlife habitats will be destroyed

The proposed 500 new homes at Battenhall Farm will not help “preserve green space”. .. Read More

March 08 2021

I was at opening of Whittington Village Hall in 1954

I was very interested to read news of Whittington Village Hall as I was born in Whittington. .. Read More

February 09 2021

Crossing was a scary experience

I met my niece for a walk as we were in lockdown and could not meet indoors. .. Read More