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February 09 2021

Icy footbridge is design error

I have just read the article regarding the Crookbarrow Way Bridge... Read More

January 07 2021

Shop plan is 'great idea'

What a great idea, a shop and post office, at Littleworth Village Hall. (“Parish hall could home to village shop and post office” – South Worcester Voice, December edition)... Read More

January 07 2021

This is not the place to race

As far as I am aware this is a pedway, not a racetrack, and should be used as such. It was designed for cyclists to ride in ones or possibly twos if there aren’t many pedestrians, not for pelotons. .. Read More

January 07 2021

Cycling issue is a national problem

The recent issue headlines an issue of a peloton group on a dual footpath/cycle path, forcing a dog walker into a hedge. .. Read More

January 07 2021

Why no income for bollards?

The safety problem reported involving the bike peloton and a pedestrian walking her dog using the Crookbarrow Way Bridge is just one of a number of close call incidents I’ve seen on the pathways leading to St Peter’s and Battenhall from the bridge... Read More

January 07 2021

We need to all share pedway

I am writing to complain about the article on the front page of the current issue of South Worcester Voice. .. Read More

January 07 2021

Group cycling is unsafe on paths

Cyclists on high-spec road bikes, fully kitted out in specialist cycling gear, are equipped for fast riding on the road... Read More

March 30 2020

Why is road not being included?

Regarding your recent article concerning speed driving I would like clarification why St Peter’s Drive did not meet criteria. .. Read More

March 30 2020

Route to station too dangerous

As a fan of railways and a person who chooses not to drive,.. Read More

March 06 2020

Minibus to new station needed

I am writing to you as a resident of Norton with my husband after we saw your article in the recent Voice about the community minibus initiative... Read More