South Worcester Voice Your Views

March 06 2020

Funds required for car parking

I have read with interest the articles in your last two issues regarding traffic problems in Timberdine Avenue and the proposed road scheme to help. .. Read More

March 06 2020

Traffic control plans 'limited'

We welcome any measures that will reduce inconsiderate parking, congestion and speeding on Timberdine Avenue but [Worcestershire] County Council’s recently published proposals are too limited to be an effective solution for the Battenhall end of our road... Read More

January 31 2020

Site part of green lung of the city

With reference to Andrew Oliver’s letter, regarding the use of the allotments for parking for parents taking their children to school, is he seriously suggesting that this award-winning site, having been voted twice the best allotment site in Worcester, should be paved over to provide parking for parents for a few minutes a day in term times?.. Read More

January 31 2020

Parking idea is not a good one

I cannot believe that Andrew Oliver thinks it is a good idea to use valuable growing/green areas (environmentally friendly) for parking in order to drop and pick up children from Cherry Orchard school (presumably in cars – unenvironmentally friendly)... Read More

January 31 2020

Allotment site award-winning

This is an active allotment site with a waiting list for plots... Read More

January 31 2020

Don't agree with parking

I am one of the tenants of these allotments and I do not agree with the idea that parents could leave cars in this parking lot... Read More

January 31 2020

A4440 is used as a race track

After reading your article [Speed limit on SLR to be set once complete, January, 2020] I totally agree with the need for a speed limit on this road but only the new A4440 Southern Link Road... Read More

January 31 2020

Traffic problem will get worse

Firstly, may I say how interesting it is to read your publication... Read More

January 31 2020

Minibus service great advantage

I live in St Peter’s and would very much like to use the new train station in Norton... Read More

January 07 2020

The reason for Parkway ignored

These trains will now have to stop at four stations in a 12-mile zone, three Worcester stops and the ever important Pershore. .. Read More