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January 07 2020

Bridge path not 'safe and secure'

It was with great interest that I read the article in the previous edition of St Peter’s Voice about the footbridge across Crookbarrow Way and how this was considered to be the start of the link between St Peter’s and Norton. .. Read More

January 07 2020

I agree with proposals

I live at the Bath Road end of Timberdine Avenue and I completely agree with the proposals set out in your December issue. .. Read More

January 07 2020

Use allotments as parking area

I have just read about the proposed parking restrictions around Cherry Orchard Primary School. .. Read More

January 07 2020

Chicanes may be the answer

Having read the comments regarding traffic speeds in the Battenhall Road area I can understand people’s concerns. .. Read More

January 07 2020

Could school provide space?

I have read the comments and letters printed in St Peter’s Voice regarding Timberdine Avenue. .. Read More

December 03 2019

Speed bumps a 'challenge'

I write with reference to your article concerning the speeding and dodgy traffic calming measures along Battenhall Road. .. Read More

December 03 2019

Avenue has no traffic calming

Regarding the article on Battenhall Road , I sympathise with the resident quoted in the story but at least their road does have some traffic calming measures... Read More

December 03 2019

The road is most definitely rat run

I read with interest the comments from David Knight, one of my neighbours – the road is most definitely a rat run. .. Read More

December 03 2019

Blanket 20mph limit needed

I have read the article in your newspaper and have some suggestions on improving traffic in the areas bounded by Battenhall Road, Bath Road, Timberdine Avenue and London Road... Read More

October 01 2019

Call to install dog poo bins

I wonder if dog poo bins could be supplied on Bath Road... Read More