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October 01 2019

MUGA should 'be removed'

With regard to the article on the front of September's St Peter’s Voice (Youths ignore warnings over vandalism), the area around the MUGA (multi-use games area) is regarded by many as a no-go area... Read More

October 01 2019

Drivers slow up to avoid the fines

Further to reading your story in St Peter’s Voice, I am a retired resident living in Aycliffe Road... Read More

October 01 2019

Average speed cameras answer

Regarding steps to put brakes on A4440 – put in average speed cameras... Read More

October 01 2019

Prevention is far better than fines

Regarding the article in September's St Peter’s Voice (Steps considered to put brakes on A4440 speedsters), as a retired civil engineer I would comment as follows:.. Read More

April 02 2019

Crescent is 'back to front' with cars on path and people in road

Reference your article in St Peter’s Voice (March 2019) re cars obstructing pavements... Read More

January 09 2019

A few solutions to problems

I read with interest the December issue and noted the various problems raised by residents in the area. I would like to offer a few solutions for readers to mull over... Read More

January 09 2019

Pedestrians no longer feel safe

Firstly congratulations and thanks for your team's efforts with the new magazine... Read More

January 09 2019

Where will they ride scooters?

I don't accept the need for a ban on scooters on the pavement... Read More