Funding ends for groups helping vulnerable people during pandemic

July 07 2020
Funding ends for groups helping vulnerable people during pandemic

Funding from West Mercia’s Police and Crime Commissioner for groups helping vulnerable people during the coronavirus pandemic has ended as the lockdown has been eased.

During the pandemic a total of £47,279.94 was distributed to community and volunteer groups, charities and organisations across the force area from PCC John Campion’s Coronavirus Support Fund.

The money allowed groups at the heart of the pandemic to purchase essential items such as face masks, gloves and hand sanitiser, as well as printing supplies and envelopes, enabling the most vulnerable and at risk to be supported throughout.

The PCC is calling on communities to not lose sight of the vital support networks and continue to look out for neighbours and signs that they might need extra help.

Mr Campion said: “When I first introduced this dedicated fund, I wanted to make sure the many volunteer groups that had been set up as a result of the pandemic had all the necessary resources to safely and effectively support those in need. 

“I am proud to see this fund has been able to support the amazing community work out there.

“At a time when so many of us face uncertainty and additional worries, it has been great to see communities coming together day in day out to keep everyone connected and support those most at risk.

“We shouldn’t lose sight of the amazing connections and support networks that have been formed during this period.”